Bodegas Darien
Logroño (La Rioja)

Integration in the landscape


CEOSA starts construction of 14 houses in Logroño

CEOSA has started construction on this innovative, avant-garde building, which is located in the “Siete Infantes de Lara” district, with large gardened areas just 15 minutes walk from the city centre. A total of 14 exclusive homes in a privileged residential area. A private area with swimming pool, attics, ground…

New projects by CEOSA in Colombia

Through its holding in the country (InmoRioja), CEOSA is undertaking several projects in different cities in Colombia. The projects include “Rioja Business Centre” in Pereira, covering a total surface area of 3993.9 m2, located in the Circunvalar sector, in an area currently undergoing high commercial growth. And two residential projects,…

CEOSA starts work on the new project “Residencial Malvasia”

CEOSA has started construction of a new residential complex in El Campillo district. The site is surrounded by green areas, sports facilities and is just a stone’s throw from the city centre, five minutes by car and twelve minutes on foot. A residential complex comprising two blocks of flats affording…


Edificio 7 Infantes de Lara