Business Areas

We are leaders in the industrial, residential and energy construction sectors, and also for wineries, golf courses, sports centres, football fields, big car pars, offices, civil works, industrial buildings, crèches, building restoration and any other type of construction commissioned by private individuals and the public administration.

Thousands of families have placed their trust in us for the construction of their homes, responsible consumers who have bought homes built by us, and who have established a long-lasting bond with our way of building.

Civil Works

We rise to the challenge

Because we are very demanding on ourselves, we are capable of meeting the demands that Public Administration departments establish for their civil works projects.

Streets, plazas, gardens and other public architecture all require top quality, environmental balance, safety and of course fulfilment of deadlines and budgets.

CEOSA’S technical and human resources rise to the challenge of these projects.

Residential building

We create quality of life

We have built more than 3,000 homes in different residential projects, which are distinguished by their design, attention to detail and the use of premium materials.


All this, thinking about the quality of life of the people who should enjoy them.

Functional buildings

Professional solutions

Our quality training and responsibility for delivering within deadlines make CEOSA a company that is more than sufficiently qualified to execution construction of functional buildings.

Crèches, information centres, wineries, court rooms… all require the effective solutions provided by our professionals, highly qualified and experienced.

Industrial Buildings

Experts in structures

Our experience in constructing industrial buildings means we are able to provide structural solutions (metallic, concrete or mixed) that best adapt to each project.

If necessary, we work in close collaboration with our clients’ technical designers to make a solid working team.