Our company

With over 50 years experience, we have the technological know-how and human team to be able to tackle any type of construction project.

Our company specialises in wide variety of construction projects: Civil Works (site development, bridges, gardens…), residential buildings (apartment blocks, detached houses…), functional buildings (sports centres, car parks, crèches, public centres, hotels, shopping malls…) y industrial buildings (wineries, industrial buildings, wind farms…).

At Ceosa, we are constantly researching and innovating in new ways of doing things and building. In line with the concerns of our clients, we provide solutions for all their requirements, meeting their objectives and conferring added value to ensure the maximum capitalisation of their investments.

A very solid future. CEOSA is a guarantee of the present and the future thanks to its business structure supported on solid technical and financial foundations.

The right planning, organisation and training are some of the other competitive advantages our company boasts, and which have allowed us to tackle major projects both in Spain and abroad.

Strategic solutions

We find solutions

At CEOSA we have designed our own management system to ensure that our clients are properly advised on their projects to implement the optimum solutions in regard to strategy, design, construction and detail.

We deliver

By properly optimising our resources, both technical and human, and through good internal organisation, we efficiently meet deadlines and always deliver on time.

The sentence defining our strategy is: “We are capable of building effectively because we do it within the budgets and deadlines”.

A tailor-made team

One of the key factors to our business success is the good management of our working teams, translating as:
– Commitment to professional qualifications as a guarantee of quality. At CEOSA our personnel include engineers, architects, technicians and other qualified professionals who all work hand-in-hand to ensure our projects materialise.
– Establishing multi-disciplinary teams adapted to the specifications and conditions of each individual client and project.


Committed to life

At CEOSA we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility must be a part of our daily work. For us, looking after our environment and ensuring the health and safety of our workers are priorities. The same is true when creating buildings for people to live in and enjoy life.

We respect the natural environment

That is why we strictly comply with all environmental regulations requiring the control of waste, effluent, noise and emissions, whether at our offices or on the building and work sites.

Safety is not optional

People are the centre of our business. We work with people and for people. Consequently, we have a department that exclusively works on controlling occupational health and safety, and which is in charge of designing the safety plans by applying the risk assessment protocol and to ensure compliance with all accident prevention issues.

Quality as an obligation

At CEOSA we believe in quality as a commitment to our clients. They dream about homes to be happy in, offices to work better in, crèches to care for and teach their children, facilities where they can enjoy sport… and our obligation is make those dreams come true.